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Are you HIPAA compliant?

At this time, no, we are not completely HIPAA compliant. If this is a feature that is important to you, please let us know. In the meantime, you must remember to follow all HIPPA regulations and guidelines when communicating with your peers and across channels.

How can I sign up?

Currently, we are in a testing phase of The Frontline project. In order to join the channels, you can go to the Apply Now page and request access to the Mattermost communication platform.

What channels are available?

We have channels dedicated to specialties and for general topics. The complete list can be found on our website here.

Can I create a private channel for my organization?

Certainly. If you need an internal real-time communication solution for your organization, we encourage you to create a private channel and invite your users to it. This will allow you to still have access to those outside of your organization.

How do I leave a channel?

Oops, wrong door? No problem, click on the carrot next to the channel name located at the top of the channel messages. Click on “Leave Channel”. Done!

Can I invite someone I know in the industry to join?

Yes, of course! The more industry friends that sign up, the better the community is for everyone! Click on the top menu bar by your username and then click on “Invite People”.
We recommend that you use the add or invite people action instead of using the link. If you post the link in a public forum, you risk giving access to uninvited guests.

Can I tag a post so that it is easier to find?

Yes. You can add hashtags to your posts so that you can search for like subjects. For example, adding #ppe will allow you to search for any posts that are related to PPE.

Speaking of easier to find, how do I search for something I am looking for?

Look for the magnifying glass and then type in your search criteria. If it’s in there, we’ll find it.

Is there an application I can install on my phone or computer?

Yes! The easiest way is to click on the menu button by your username and click on “Download Apps”. This will take you to the Mattermost website which has information on how to download applications for your mobile device or computer system of choice.

Do you share or sell my information?

NO. We’re here to support your efforts to communicate with your colleagues across many channels and about the topics you care about.

What will this cost me?

Currently, nothing, nada, zilch. This is a volunteer project currently supported by Can’t Stop Columbus and by Deluxe who graciously donated hosting services during these trying times.

Can we make a donation?

Yes! Please! If you are willing and able, please contribute to Can’t Stop Columbus through their paypal donation page. Please add a note that it is for The Frontline project. This may go to any future hosting costs or wherever it is needed for Can’t Stop Columbus projects.