Helping communication across social workers and healthcare providers in real time by allowing the frontline to share updates, resources, and trends.

This project began as an idea presented to Can’t Stop Columbus requesting the creation of a Slack workspace for Social workers who needed real-time communications with healthcare providers. We decided to take it further and with the help of our resident social worker expert and additional research we determined key stakeholders and topics that we believed are important and relative to the current covid-19 pandemic.

After reviewing some ideas, including one thought to try forums, it was decided that a forum would not be real-time enough and the worry about information disappearing as new content is added to a messaging service is still the same with a forum.

Instead of Slack, we opted for a long term solution that is also cost effective, which led us to Mattermost. This messaging software is comparable to Slack, including offering secure communications, but is open source. By sacrificing some customizable options that are only available for the paid version, we are able to use the Team Edition for our needs. The search features are pretty incredible and if you need to find something, you can start by searching for a single word or phrase.

Users can sign up to join at no cost to them or their employers and communicate freely on any of our available channels which cover various topics and specialties. As a bonus, we enabled a Zoom feature that allows members to video chat directly with one another should they need to. If you are part of an organization and want a messaging service, you can sign up and create a private channel for your team. You then still have the ability to use the public channels to reach out to others if you need something.

We hope that you find this tool useful and we welcome your feedback.

Take care and thank you for learning about The Frontline community.

The Frontline project team.